Guidance and Counseling

Guidance Services K-12

Efthymia Rafaelides
Supervisor of Guidance Services K-12
Phone: 516-733-2221

Guidance and counseling services are provided to all middle and high school students. Guidance counselors provide support services addressing the academic as well as the social and emotional needs of students faced with important personal and career choices. They guide students in making appropriate decisions, solving problems, and accepting responsibility for planning their programs of study by examining future goals, special skills and talents, and individual capabilities. Guidance counselors serve as resources for parents with information about scholarships, financial aid, interpreting test scores, graduation requirements, and college or technical school choices.

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center, located in the high school guidance and counseling center, provides students, parents and community members with a comprehensive collection of materials for college and career planning. The collection includes career and college search reference books and materials, college CDs, and career and occupational briefs and projections. The center is available during regular school hours to students attending Hicksville High School.

Hicksville Middle School Guidance Department 516-733-2275

 Hicksville High School Guidance Department 516-733-2220