English Language Arts (ELA)

English Language Arts (ELA)

English, Reading, and Libraries
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ELA communication skills are vital in facing the challenge of higher education, future employment, and the demands of life in a changing world. Language is at the core of how we think about and relate to the world around us. The development of reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills begins in the early years and continues through each child's school career. Best practices of instruction encourage each child to think, compose, and express ideas using clear and vivid language combined with proficient conventions. The training of teachers in instructional strategies and diagnostic skills to improve instruction and performance in reading and writing are priorities set by administration and the Board of Education.

The district's approach to the complex skill of reading is multifaceted. We utilize the explicit phonemic instructional program of Wilson’s Fundations to teach early learners the skills necessary to recognize letters, decode, and apply skills with proficiency to support fluency and comprehension.  It is paired with Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, a comprehensive literacy program from Fountas & Pinnell that uses authentic texts, increased small-group instruction, and a research-based approach to assessments.  We are excited to implement it as the consensus choice after several programs were reviewed by a committee of dedicated stakeholders. Hicksville has high expectations and we are currently training staff to help all children succeed and meet the English Language Arts Standards set by the State Education Department.

Libraries throughout the district act as a hub of resources for both students and teachers. Not only are they filled with wonderful books, but also give students and teachers the opportunity to use educational tech-platforms to offer students a chance to broaden their learning.  Additionally, they increase students’ understanding of text-types, genres, research skills, and technical skill development. The Hicksville Middle School Library offers a makerspace for creative projects of all kinds, allowing teachers and students to collaborate and explore using arts, crafts, digital media, and technological innovations to provide students with access to a host of creative learning approaches.  The Hicksville High School Library acts as the center of promoting lifelong reading for grades 9 -12 and emphasizes in-depth research for our high school students and Advanced Placement classes.  The libraries of Hicksville School District are a dynamic and essential part of our schools.