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Reading - Mrs. Staszak

AIS - Mrs. Brazel

Reading and AIS (Academic Intervention Services) are intervention programs which are designed to assist students who may need additional support in reading and/or math. Small group instruction takes place in a positive setting where students are able to meet with success among peers.

The components for each program are as follows:

Tier 2: Leveled Literacy Intervention program (LLI) System

Tier 2 students receive supplementary literacy intervention 3 times per week and will use the Leveled Literacy Intervention program, or LLI. For students in grades K-2, LLI is a thirty-minute lesson during which students will read, write and learn about phonics. For students in grades 3-5, LLI is a forty-minute lesson that addresses comprehension, vocabulary development, fluency practice, phonics and word study, and writing about reading. The LLI lessons are given in addition to the regular reading instruction your child receives in the classroom.

Extra help for Tier 2: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8:05 am - 8:30 am

Tier 3: My Sidewalks

My Sidewalks is the K-5 intervention series which goes along with the Scott Foresman Reading Street program used in the classroom. It is research-based and incorporates all aspects of Language Arts, namely reading, writing, listening, speaking. Each week the students read fiction and nonfiction passages from colorful texts. Vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension are addressed using a student workbook, a notebook for responding to literature, and supplemental materials provided by the intervention teacher.

Extra help for Tier 3: Monday and Friday mornings, 8:05 am - 8:30 am