Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

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Mrs. Caceres
Mrs. LoGiudice

Mrs. McEvoy

Overview of the grade:

This year we have wonderful students in our classroom. I am looking forward to seeing the students grow throughout the year.

Second grade is a time for interacting and learning! The students will have many opportunities to engage in hand-on activities, group projects and engage in motivating SmartBoard lessons.

Reading and writing is a major component throughout your child's academic career. They are integrated in all areas of the second grade curriculum.

Children will write and solve math word problems and they will practice explaining their thought processes in the new Go Math series.

Curriculum Guide:

Extra help schedule:

Extra help is by invitation only.

Recommended resources for the grade level:

Go Math!

Common Core Website

ABC Ya! (Free Educational Games),://

Apps for Apple Devices

  • 123 Animal Counting (Touch 40 different animals with sounds to see and hear numbers counted.)
  • Cloud Math (Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with a timer.)
  • Math Spin3 (With data collection, spin the wheel and determine if the numbers are greater than, less than, or equal.)
  • ABC & Me (Works on learning ABC's and basic words through various games.)
  • Fish School (Interactive program for letters, numbers and other areas.)
  • In the Zoo (Alphabet learning using sing along, Karaoke, and flashcards.)
  • Firstwords(Pictures of over 30 letters around the house, touch a letter to hear it, and drag it to the correct word position.)
  • Spel It Rite Pro (From two choices, select the correctly spelled words as quickly as possible.)
  • See Read Say (Includes all 220 Dolch sight words at the push of a button, and individual progress is tracked.)