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Welcome to Third Grade!

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Welcome to the third grade at Old Country Road Elementary School. We look forward to a wonderful year with your children. We are confident that with the appropriate guidance, support, and materials, we will have a productive year. In order to facilitate this yearlong endeavor, we have provided some simple guidelines.

Homework Policy

Homework will be given Monday through Thursday, either each night or in a weekly homework packet. This packet will be due on Friday.

Assignments will be written on the board each day for students to copy into their agenda books. Please check to see that your child is copying his/her homework, as well as completing each assignment by initialing or signing the agenda book daily. Students are responsible for all assignments.

If your child is absent and you would like to request work, leave a message with the school secretary as early in the day as possible. Let me know whether to send work home with a sibling, neighbor, or if you will pick it up. Students will have a Homework Buddy to call if necessary.


Your child will have two important folders:

  1. Daily Take Home Folder (yellow) Please check this folder each night and work with your child to clear out outdated papers often. One side of the folder will have homework and the other will have important school or class notes/handouts. Some notices may need to be signed and returned to school promptly.
  2. Friday Folder (orange) This will only be sent home on Fridays and will include; tests, quizzes, projects, etc. Please sign the folder each week and return by Monday. This work will be used for me to provide extra help for your child if needed. All other papers are yours to keep.

Academic Policy

Grades will be based on an average of test scores, quizzes, writing assignments, homework, and projects. Class participation, class work, and overall attitude will also count toward the student's average. All tests are announced in advance, quizzes are unannounced and announced, and reports/projects are long term assignments, which will be completed at home with classroom planning and support.

Independent Reading

As part of the Common Core State Standards, all students are required to read a variety of genres, subjects, and authors. Although we will spend a block of time each day in reading, it is important for your child to read at home for at least 20 minutes a night. Students will be required to complete a Reading Log.


It can be difficult for children to grow up in today's world. That is why we like to make my students aware of themselves and what is appropriate behavior for a third grader. When it comes to discipline, we like to provide students with opportunities to become aware of their actions so that a positive attitude may be developed. After our class creates a set of classroom rules, we will encourage positive behavior by rewarding students with tickets to be redeemed in our weekly "raffle" as well as verbal accolade. In addition, we will maintain communication with families through notes/memos and phone calls home.

We anticipate we will have a successful year full of hard work, learning, and fun. I am open to any questions or concerns you have. Please keep in touch with us either through letters or by calling the school. We are here to help your child in any way that can be made possible. Thank you for your time and cooperation.


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Interdisciplinary Websites for Several Areas of Study: (the username is hicksville_6 and the password is brainpop )

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